About time to knit my dogs

imageimageI always want to do it, but I never did it. For one reason or another, I don’t particularly like to knit dogs. My female boxer, Laika, was diagnosed with pancreatitis. I snapped a shot yesterday ( not the best picture of them) and work on it.

I love knitting pictures. Tremendous work to obtain the perfect pattern, requires a lot of patience and good eyes ( grateful for my new pair of eyeglasses).

I start working on this yesterday evening. It come out perfect in black&white, but this time I want it different. 4 colors jacquard. Countless number of hours. So far, I arrived to this version.


8 February

Not fun at all to have the 600 rows pulled down . I had tangled yarn somehow and my carriages stuck.

Because I never give up, I re-started and finish it. Hard work for my arms


finished size 170cm/210cmimage image

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